Want to know what the goals of life are? Want to achieve goals in life that seem difficult to fulfill? If your answer is yes — you come to the right place to learn about it in detail.

what are the goals of life

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Many people want to achieve success, whether in personal, professional life, hobbies, or other areas. They all want to be successful anyhow. However, only a select few realize that setting the right goals in life will lead to the dream of a better lifestyle.

Personal goals can come in every area of life — whether be personal ones, health-related, wealth-related, or how to become a better person in society. Going on holidays, practicing exercise, looking beautiful, and keeping up with old friends are just some of the life goals you need to follow to get a happy and successful life.

Imagine you set incredible life goals that you can start from today and continue till your last day. How would that make you feel?

Once you clearly understand that there is no set destination in a game of life, only a game to be played, you are free to achieve your own version of personal success.

A goal that makes your way to success easy.

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What Are The Goals Of Life?

For now, you might be wondering — what are the goals of life — and their actual meaning. Well, the definition of this concept what are the goals of life is quite simple.

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I am going to explain to you in simple yet well understandable language. What are the goals of life that are defined — life goals are nothing but all the things — you want to accomplish in your life. Often your life goals are meaningful to you and can have a lasting impact on your life. They can usually be challenging goals, or they can even be smaller and more personal too. It all depends on what you want to achieve in your life. And where you want to go in life.

Why Are Those Goals Important?

Setting the right kind of goals can help to make progress in life. By working damn hard to accomplish those goals, they can help you to find the long-term happiness and success you’ve been seeking all over your life. Life goals are so important because they can also help you:-

  • boost your confidence
  • make you feel happier
  • improve mood
  • overcome procrastination
  • improve focus
  • convert a negative attitude to a positive one
  • learn certain skill

101 Life goals ideas

It always comes in all shapes and sizes. While your goals will be personal to you. There are many common goals many people share. To help you think of your own, here is the list of 101 life goal ideas to consider:

What Are The Goals Of Life
  1. Master a skill that you think is difficult to master.
  2. Be an inspiration for others.
  3. Start your own YouTube channel.
  4. Create your website.
  5. Publish your first blog.
  6. Go on a solo trip.
  7. Learn about how to become a millionaire.
  8. Travel to your dream place.
  9. Learn to cook.
  10. Publish your novel.
  11. Publish your eBook.
  12. Learn to create passive income.
  13. Build a dream body.
  14. Get abs.
  15. Invest in the stock market.
  16. Buy your own house.
  17. Buy a car.
  18. Learn to swim.
  19. Buy a bike.
  20. ride a monster truck.
  21. Go on a morning walk.
  22. Graduate from college.
  23. Plan for retirement.
  24. Go on a trek.
  25. Climb a mountain.
  26. Go on a date with your favorite person.
  27. Be an influencer.
  28. Start dropshipping.
  29. Start affiliate marketing.
  30. Meditate daily.
  31. Do yoga.
  32. Listen to the podcast.
  33. Read a book.
  34. Live in a foreign country.
  35. Paint a picture.
  36. Donate to a charity annually.
  37. Learn to fluently speak any foreign language.
  38. Achieve zero debt.
  39. Run in a marathon.
  40. Meet your idol.
  41. Meet your celebrity idol.
  42. Watch the FIFA world cup final.
  43. Watch the WWE live in the stadium.
  44. Give up junk for a year.
  45. Eat Healthy food every day.
  46. Drink plenty of water and stop sugary drinks.
  47. Lower the use of social media.
  48. Give enough time to family.
  49. Compose a song.
  50. Find your partner.
  51. Buy play station 5.
  52. Give a huge party.
  53. Keep a life journal.
  54. Talk to a stranger.
  55. Feed homeless kids.
  56. Go deep-sea fishing.
  57. Go skydiving.
  58. Learn to play guitar.
  59. Learn to build a healthy body.
  60. Uninstall all social media accounts.
  61. Play football with a professional player.
  62. Start online hustle.
  63. Stop eating chocolate.
  64. Adopt and care for your dream pet.
  65. Buy an expensive watch.
  66. Take parents on vacation.
  67. Go for a world tour.
  68. Learn self-defense.
  69. Start your podcast.
  70. Build a community of people.
  71. See your doctor and dentist regularly.
  72. Write a script for a movie.
  73. Watch baseball live in the stadium.
  74. Meet your crush.
  75. Witness the Northern Lights.
  76. (Safety) Watch a volcano erupt.
  77. Go to LA.
  78. Go to Norway.
  79. Learn how to sing.
  80. Meet your favorite musician.
  81. Go to a movie solo.
  82. Learn how to knit or sew.
  83. Give a surprise party.
  84. Learn how to code.
  85. Learn how to photoshop.
  86. Improve your drawing skills.
  87. Improve your communication skills.
  88. Go on a long drive.
  89. Travel to popular beaches across the world.
  90. Expand your vocabulary. 
  91. Stop drinking alcohol.
  92. Give up smoking.
  93. Try a vegan diet for a month.
  94. Eat your favorite foods for a month.
  95. Run six-mile.
  96. Go to the Olympics.
  97. Visit Paris.
  98. Visit Disneyland.
  99. Go on a cruise.
  100. Practice gratitude every day.
  101. Color your hair/ have a tattoo.

How to set those goals?

Most people already have a great idea of what they want to do in life, and they just have not taken the time to write it down. It is the case for you too, right!!

If you have no idea what you want to achieve, that’s okay too, I’ll walk you through it. If you don’t know what you want, that’s okay, I’ll walk you through your solution. Here is an easy way to set your life goals so that you can start working towards achieving them in life:-

  • Write down your life goals. This is a simple and effective way to remember everything.
  • Tell someone who is close to you about your goals/plans. They may be able to help you in completing your goals.
  • Decide which goal you want to go to first. Never be afraid of setting multiple goals at once.
  • If you have big and more ambitious goals to achieve, consider breaking them down into smaller goals/steps to achieve first. 
  • Create a to-do list of every step to complete your goals. Be sure to map out what needs doing to consider each goal reached as best you can. 

Create SMART life goals

Another simple and effective way to set your life goals and make a clear path to achieving them is setting a SMART goal. SMART is a methodology where you create a to-do list out a clear path to easily achieving your goals by using this acronym:-

  • S – Specific:- What you actually want to accomplish in life, when you want to achieve it and why it is important to you.
  • M – Measurable:- How you can actually measure your progress to successfully complete your goal or not?
  • A – Achievable:- What skills do you need to develop to complete your goal and how you can actually learn these skills?
  • R – Relevant:- The reason why you are setting this goal in the first place and if it is connected with other goals.
  • T – Time-Sensitive:- Your deadline/end time and how realistically you can achieve your goal.

With the help of this acronym, you can ask yourself questions about your goal and how you can close to them. With the help of worksheets like these types of questions, you’ll have a strong blueprint for meeting your life goals.

Work toward your life goals from today itself

Now that you have some good ideas regarding life goals and the know-how to set them properly, it’s time to get started. With enough motivation, determination, focus, and hard work, you can make your life goals a reality.

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