Why is vegetarian wine becoming popular these days?

vegan wine

Not all kinds of wines are created equal. And of course, there is a good reason behind it.
Anyone can feel the difference when consuming a glass or two of below-average low-quality wine. But it is not just about the quality of wine that matters. If you are a vegan, you need to know what’s in your wine glass.

You may be wondering did it is possible to have vegan wine? Did their vegan-friendly wine available? In this article, you will get all the answers to your question.

Wait a minute, wine is not vegan?

The wine is created with the fermentation of grape juice; how can it not be vegan? Yes, you are right, and there is no doubt, but the modern winemaking process may involve the use of certain animal-derived products. The commonly used process goes from crushing the grapes to fermenting the grape juice to bottling the wine. “We’ve been using bentonite to make fines for years, but we didn’t really think about it. However, before wine filling, it needs to be filtered as it has a lot of suspended matter present inside of wine. It could come from grape skin, stems, and pulp to dead yeast cells, proteins, tannins, etc.

vegan wine

“Best filtering mechanism that uses to filter wine is to use egg white, which acts as a coagulant and attracts all these particles. All these particles eventually settle at the bottom and are removed. When these particles contact egg whites, it makes wines ‘ non-vegan,’ but the final product(wine) contains no traces of egg at all, ” explains Vishal Kadakia, founder of Wine Park, an e-commerce website for wines. This process is critical to getting the pure wines we are used to drinking.

Wineries use bentonite as an alternative to egg white to make vegan wine. It is a type of absorbent clay that attracts proteins and other particulate matter in wine and helps in fining. “Most wineries have been using bentonite for fining over the years, but they really didn’t think about it.

It was the time when the (Mumbai-based) restaurant Santé Spa Cuisine asked us a couple of years ago if we could make vegan wines for them, and we realized that we can very well classify our wine as vegan,” says co-founder, and director, Kiran Patil — sales and marketing team of Reveilo Wines. Reveilo Wines began displaying a green dot on the back label of bottles indicating that their wine is 100% vegan-friendly.

The taste test

So the question does vegan wine taste different? “There are certain kinds of wines unfiltered, so does that mean they are vegan by default. For other types of wines, there is no need to mention on the bottle whether or not they use egg whites as this is irrelevant to the taste. But obviously, there is a taste difference between filtered and unfiltered wines. However, wines filtered with bentonite versus white egg almost taste the same,” says Kadakia. Nowadays, the moment of vegan is getting stronger and stronger day by day, and Kadakia says that he has not seen a huge interest or demand by Indians for vegan wines as yet.

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