Every year we set resolutions(aka New Year Resolutions) like we do this and do that, right. But very few people are able to fulfill their new year resolutions while others are not. Why?? Have you asked this question to yourself ever? Have you discussed this in your mind? Well, I bet you wouldn’t have done that.

How To Set New Year Resolutions

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But this year, in 2022, things are going to change. I am going to change those things for you. I will help you to fulfill the New Year’s resolutions that you set for yourself. So that you can proudly tell everyone that you have fulfilled your resolutions. All you have to do for now is read the article till the end. CAN YOU DO THAT?? for the betterment of yourself?


The New Year, slowly drawing to a close, and the holiday season has passed — many people are re-evaluating some of their life choices. Without any doubt, New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those lazy folks who have failed to start making the healthy changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when the next season starts.

Never let yourself down by making the resolutions that you cannot keep it.

Piyush Modak

Finally, the time comes for you to sit down and prepare a list of all the essential lifestyle changes you want to make this year. And I decided to give you a bit of help — because since the pool of people fails to stick to their new year resolutions, you’ll need all the help you can get. In this article with TerminalNets, you will learn how to set New Year resolutions and fulfill them in depth. Without wasting any of your precious time, let’s dive into the actual content:

You Set New Year Resolutions And You Failed, Why?

Have you ever set resolutions for yourself? Have you ever been able to accomplish it? I don’t think so. Due to the fact that most people fail it within a day, a week, or a month. If you don’t believe it, just Google it, or you can ask yourself too. And you will get your answer right there.

How To Set New Year Resolutions

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If you are looking for a deep solution to this problem — you will get it right here. So, there is no need for you to waste your time searching for the answer. Here you’ll find everything from achieving it to how to set New Year’s resolutions. Before we begin, look at some of the common reasons New Year’s resolutions fail.

You Are Rushing Like You Want To Do It As Soon As Possible

Well, slow and steady healthy habit change might not sound that great, but it’s a lot more effective and enjoyable compared “I want it ALL done and I want it NOW!” mentality. Small changes in yourself stick better for the long run because they aren’t intimidating (if you do it in the way it would do, you’ll barely even notice them!).

If you have a pool of bad habits today, the last thing that needs to be done by you is to remodel/reset your entire life overnight. Want to gain/lose weight? You have to follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lower in sugary drinks and unhealthy fats. For example, you could start your week with something easy like drinking more water and consuming less sugary drinks. The following week, you could move on to the next step of eating three fruits and veggies every day without any miss. And the week after that, you could set an aim of eating a fistful of protein at every meal you have.

Take Action Don’t Focus On Result

It is the mistake most people make when working on their New Year’s resolutions. So you should protect yourself from making this mistake. Many people start giving up on their New Year’s resolutions the moment they don’t see any result. And that is the bitter truth of us. We all work for the result, not for ourselves.

Have you done anything without thinking about the result? No, right. And it is something that needs to be changed this year, in 2022.

If you want to achieve something in life? If you want to fulfill New Year resolutions set by yourself? You have to prevent yourself from thinking about the result. CAN YOU DO IT!! If you want to become your better version.

You Do Not Believe In Yourself

Failure to act before leaving the starting line can cripple you. Anytime you’ve tried (or failed) to set New Year’s resolutions (or several) in the past, I know it can be hard to believe in yourself. Self-doubting is a nagging voice in your head that will affect personal growth with every ounce of its being. There is only one solution for defeating self-doubt is to believe in yourself. Who cares if you fail once or twice? This year, in 2022, you can try again (but better this time).

Thinking Too Much, Not Taking Action On It

The best self-help book/world-class inspiration movie can’t save you if you fail to take action. Yes, it is true. You have to seek as much inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge as you can realistically apply in your life. If you put into practice only one thing you learn from every book or article you read, you will be on your way to success faster. For the best advice on it — you should have to read Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma. This book helps me for the betterment of life, and I am sure it will help you too.

You Don’t Enjoy The Process That Need To Be Done

Is it any wonder that people struggle with their weight when they see eating as a chore and exercise as a terrible bore? The best of best fitness plan is one that causes the minimum interruption to your lifestyle. The ultimate goal for you is not to add stress to life, but rather to cut them off from life.

The better version of us couldn’t bring ourselves to do something we hate consistently, so make getting in shape fun, however, you’ve gotta do it. That could be participating in a dance you love, training with a good friend or two, joining a group workout class so you can meet new people, or giving yourself one “free day” per week where you forget about your training plan and workout in any way you please.

You Have No Social Support

There is always a time comes where we feel in lack of motivation to keep going for New Year’s resolutions. Well, the good news for you? You’re not alone in the world: far from it. Post a status on Instagram/Facebook asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. If you know someone from your circle who shares your goal, try to coordinate with them on your lunchtime and go out together so you’ll be more likely to make positive decisions. Join a support group on Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere on the internet. Power in numbers is powerful, so use it to your advantage.

You’re In Too Much Of A Rush

Suppose, if the New Year resolution set by you was quick-and-easy, everybody would do it, that’s why it’s in your best interest to exercise your patience muscles. In that way, you can able accomplish more than your imagination.

You’re Trying Too Hard

Unless you want to experience some nasty cravings, don’t deprive your body of pleasure. There is an advanced fact, and that is the more you tell yourself you can’t have food to eat, the more you’re going to want it. As long as you’re making healthy choices 80-90% of the time, don’t sweat the occasional indulgence.

You Don’t Actually Track The Progress You Make

A healthy habit that you have to develop this year, in 2022, keeping a written record of your progress will help you maintain its “I CAN do this” healthy attitude. All you need is a pen and a notebook. For every workout session, record what exercises you practice, the number of repetitions you performed, and how much weight you used if applicable. Your ultimate goal? Do better next time. Improving your best performance regularly offers positive feedback that will encourage/motivate you to keep going.

How To Set New Year Resolutions?

Have you known more than half of all resolutions fail? That you set for yourself. But this year, in 2022, they do have to be yours. Here is a complete guide of instructions on how to identify the ideal resolution to improve your lifestyle, create a plan on how to reach them, and become part of the small group of highly successful people who achieve their goals.

Ask Self-reflective Questions

It is true — It’s actually feel harder to stick to a New Year’s resolution if you do not feel like doing it. When you commit to making a change, the first thing you need to make sure is that your actions connect with your core values.

Susan Peppercorn(executive and career transition coach) recommends two thought exercises to help you decide which resolutions are most important to you. The first step for you is to make a values list: Start with 20, then cut it the list down to five.

“Best self visualization” is another exercise that you have to do: Picture yourself one year ahead in the future. After that you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I doing?
  • Who I am with?
  • How do I feel?

Susan Peppercorn says this exercise should show you what you actually want your future to look like “without judgment” — and inspire you to take action to make that happen.

First of all I create a list of goals that I want to achieve this year, 2022. After that, I narrowed it down to the goals I really wanted to achieve. Waking up at 5 am and reading books in the morning is some of my New Year resolutions.

I see myself getting the benefits of waking up early in the morning. And its positive impact on my personal and professional life.

Focus On Smaller Goals

It is sad to see that people are unable to fulfill the New Year’s resolutions that they set themselves. According to Peppercorns, many people fail New Year’s resolutions because they are too big or vague. What is the solution to this problem?

One proven solution that comes to my mind for you is to break your New year resolutions into small, realistic objectives that will help you meet that larger goal.

By doing this, the resolutions you set seem less intimidating and more achievable and enjoyable. Rewarding yourself by completing smaller goals will help you stay motivated. For example: if your New Year’s resolution is to create a blog website, three smaller action items could be getting a hosting plan and domain name, creating a website on WordPress and adding content to your website. Well, this is an example of mine.

It is also very beneficial to you to create a map out a timeline of when and how you want to create a website and add content to it. Creating a good timeline map helps you achieve your goal quickly.

You should prioritize two or three action items to work on every four months that will help you achieve your goal. If you want to create a professional website in a year, for example, you can focus on the design and content of the website for that leap during the first quarter of the year.

Find An Accountability Partner

Sharing your New Year resolutions with a trusted friend or co-worker can help you track your progress, stay motivated, focused, and celebrate your overall progress toward your goals.

Sometimes it feels a little harder to keep up with New Year resolutions on your own, but bringing a close friend, family member, or mentor into the boat can actually make it fun and get you out of your head.

There is a possibility for you to create a shared Google Doc with your accountability partner where you write down your goals, deadlines, plans, and other thoughts or schedule a monthly check-in to update each other on your progress.

There is said that people with accountability partners are 65% more likely to reach their goals, according to research from The American Society of Training and Development.

It is always best to bring someone a boat if you want to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

How To Set New Year Resolutions?/ A Guide To Follow [2022]
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