If you want to start practicing meditation, you’re in the right place to learn. Here is the list of some of the best meditation apps for beginners out there are designed specifically to show newbies the ropes — and stick with them as they graduate into more advanced meditators. Many expert meditators often recommend meditations apps for beginners who have no idea where to start practicing meditation. Meditation apps are designed to provide guided instruction to show you exactly what to do and help you stay accountable. But it’s not just expert meditators who love them –the apps on this list have dedicated user bases that swear by them.

best meditation apps for beginners

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Below you will find some of the best meditation apps for beginners out there, including both free options and subscription-based paid models that many people believe are totally worth the price. You have to remember: Like all things mental health, it might take a bit of time to figure out what works for you, so don’t be afraid to try a few apps to see which one is made for you. You do not have to worry — many of them have free trials for precisely that reason.

In this article with TerminalNets, you will learn about the best meditation apps for beginners. Without wasting any of your time, let’s start with the article:-

Best Meditation Apps For Beginners

Without any doubt, meditation is always a great way to refocus and center yourself by living in the present moment. But with life being as hectic and distracting like it is today, it can be a difficult task for anyone to master. There are meditation apps for beginners too — those apps are technology-based meditation guides that can help make meditation a lot easier and more fun, whether you’re a newbie meditator or seasoned pro who’s let their meditation muscle atrophy.

Meditation can certainly help calm your mind when you’re stressed/ distracted by negative emotions, but that’s just one of its benefits. With regular practice, you can learn to control your emotions, be aware of present moments, and improve your health.There is an endless number of guided meditations videos on YouTube, meditation apps online process, helping you achieve your meditation goals. Here are some of my top picks in the category of best meditation apps for beginners.

What Is Meditation And Why You Should Practice It?

Before we go to the best meditation apps for beginners — I like to discuss with you the concept of meditation. Meditation is an ancient technique used by people worldwide for finding inner peace. And most importantly for improving their own self. If you want to be your better version? If you want to achieve great success in life? You should start practicing meditation daily. Because people who achieve success in life give credit for their success to meditation. Meditation is one of the practices that helps in improving mental health, but it also improves physical health.

best meditation apps for beginners

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If you want to practice meditation but don’t know where to start your journey. Do not worry!! I am here to guide you to the concept of meditation. If you still believe it is not enough, then there are meditation apps for that too. You do not have to leave meditation in middle. CAN YOU PROMISE ME?

Which Meditation Apps Are Best For Beginners?

Finally, it is time to talk about the best meditation apps for beginners. The meditation apps are here to guide you toward your meditation goals. Only you have to keep in mind that every app is different from others in terms of benefits, features, and ways to use. Always keep in mind the reason behind practicing meditation. It might help to motivate you in your journey toward meditation. Here are my top 7 picks of best meditation apps for beginners in 2021:-


Headspace is an award-winning meditation app of 2021. If you’re the type of person whose mind gets lost in the pool of thoughts the minute your head hits the pillow, then Headspace should be your go-to. It is one of the popular meditation apps for beginners which offers breathing exercises, sleep meditations, and wind-down practices. Using this app is super easy and has an eyes-friendly UI. The moment you download the app from the play store is the same moment you start loving this app.

You can use Headspace for free, but if you want to access all-important sleep casts to help get your mind ready for sleep — you’ll have to take the subscription to the app.


  • User-friendly app
  • Best app for beginners
  • 99+ meditation to choose from


  • Subscription is needed
  • Membership of app is little expensive


Next on the list is the Buddhify meditation app is best known for improving mental health. What is happening to you now? Now? Whether you’re taking a short break in the middle of work, taking a walk, climbing a mountain, or dealing with overwhelming emotions, this app has a targeted meditation (over 200 of them) waiting for you.

The meditation app Buddhify is super easy to use — you can create your own “routine” of meditation practices for quick access when you need them. Each one lasts five to 25+ minutes, so you can find time to meditate no matter how busy you are. As you advance in your meditation skill, you can use their timer to meditate on your own phase without guidance. The best is I am also using it for a few months.


  • Super easy to use
  • More than 199+ targeted meditations


  • No desktop version of the app
  • Have to pay to use the app

Ten Percent Happier Meditation

If you are a newbie to meditation, you should go for the best meditation apps for beginners. It is the best meditation app for beginners and helps you to be familiar with the concept of meditation. One of the best meditation apps in 2021 is based on ABC news anchor Dan Harris’s popular book — the app will teach you the how-to behind meditating in a fun, easy, and accessible way. It is a beginner meditation app that is ideal for anyone, but especially those who think they’re “not the meditation kind” and can’t find the time to start a meditation practice.

The app takes you through short on-the-go meditations that aim to be listened to whenever you can fit them in. For best results, you’ll need to try to see how many frequent “mindful days” you rack up: Over time, these moments of calm will become second nature.


  • Better mental health
  • Improve sleep quality and calm mind
  • Easy to use


  • Membership is high

Simple Habit

Another meditation app for beginners offers free, short meditations from top mindfulness experts. Whatever your meditation goals — to improve your self-confidence, lower anxiety level, get over a relationship heartbreak, or simply be present — the Simple Habit meditation app has an extensive library of meditations, all cataloged and easy to find. As time passes, you will start loving the app by seeing how each meditation in the app is very specifically titled, making mindfulness something you can turn to for any occasion.

One of the big benefits of the app — the premium subscription is that you can use the app offline, which helps to make catching a few minutes of mindfulness even more accessible. It may also be necessary for your mental health. The meditation app for beginners offers special meditations designed to help you overcome panic attacks or lessen stress. This makes it one of the best meditation apps to always have with you.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Best in business


  • Need to pay to unlock hidden features


The one meditation app that you definitely try as a beginner is Calm. It is a flexible app with less structured programs and exercises to help manage anxiety. What are you working through? negative emotions? Lack of attention? A stressed psyche? Calm Guided Meditation has you covered. With this meditation app for beginners, you can easily reach meditation within a week to two.

The best meditation app for beginners Calm stands out in the list from the other meditation apps because of its well-being offerings beyond that of its already impressive meditation catalog. Their newest offering from the app, which is 10-minute guided videos that guide you through gentle stretching to help you unwind. One of the cool features of the app is “Sleep Stories,” which feature bedtime stories read by the soothing voices of celebs (like Matthew McConaughey).


  • Easy to use
  • Cool features
  • Amazing UI


  • Need paid subscription

Insight Timer

The next meditation app for beginners on the list is Insight Timer, and it has a giant library of free meditations. The app offers more than 44k+ free meditations — that’s a big deal, as one of the biggest complaints about other meditation apps is their lack of free content. The library present in the meditation app allows you to filter by need (e.g. stress, sleep, self-esteem), time (from five minutes to 28+ minutes), or specific benefit (e.g. relationships, spiritual, kids).

Note: If you’re just getting started with meditation, opt for the seven-day free course on how to meditate. In the app, you can also join the community of fellow mindful folks for free. I recommended you to use this as it is one of the best meditation apps in 2021 for beginners to have.


  • Over 44,000+ free meditations
  • Easy to use
  • Free seven-day intro course


  • Technical glitches


Last but not least, we have the Unplug meditation app that offers short and long meditations that help address anxiety and stress. If you have a few minutes in a day, you have enough time to meditate properly. Unplug excels in guided meditations, but it also allows you to self-direct with unobtrusive timers and ambient sounds. Because just five minutes are needed, it’s great to use when you need to refocus and destress during the workday.


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Meditation timer


  • Little bit expensive

Final Thought

All the best meditation apps for beginners on this list objective to help you harness the healing powers of meditation with the tip of a finger. Whether you’re a newbie within the concept of meditation or a seasoned pro looking for some structure, there’s an app for you that can help you with the meditation process. However, only one meditation app could be my top pick, and that is Calm.

Calm is a well-known beginner’s friendly meditation app that is also an incredibly flexible app that offers lots of individual exercises that target common mental health issues from anxiety to lack of focus. The meditation app also has several tools to help you retain that meditative focus throughout your day. While the meditation app for beginners are not budget-friendly, it’s reasonably priced considering everything it offers, including bedtime stories read by famous celebs.


Are Meditation Apps Worth It?

The simple answer to the question is Yes. The meditation apps are worth every single penny/time you spend on them. Meditation apps are specially designed to help you along your meditation journey. With the help of meditation apps, even beginners can learn to practice meditation with ease.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Meditation App?

Meditation practice, through the apps, helps you mix into your body and live in the present moment with exercises and expert meditator advice. Being mindful active through meditation has been shown to help improve your imagination/ and focus on tasks in everyday life as well as process new information. Using a meditation app as a guide while you meditate can also help you build up your meditation skill set, which may help you access a calm, relaxed, focused state in your day-to-day life more easily.

Best Meditation Apps For Beginners For Better Lifestyle [2022]
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