Is running in the morning before eating — is it helps to improve my fitness?? or not. Or should I eat before running in the morning? Well, if you are someone who wants to make a habit of running in the morning. In that case — you might be confused about what to eat in the morning and when. I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU — it happens with me too.

running in the morning before eating

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Last year in the month of December — when my friends and I had decided to go for the run in the early morning. During that time, it was essential to work on fitness.

And, of course, all of us friends were well aware of the benefits of running in the early morning. And how to begin our journey. But there was a thing that we ignored at that time. CAN YOU TELL ME? Yes, you guess right. The thing that we all forgot is that should we go running in the morning on an empty stomach, or should we go after eating? It is funnier that we do not think it is an important topic. But in reality, it can affect our performance in running.

In simple words, we do not get the full benefit of it.

Do not worry!! Here is a complete guide on running that you need to follow for a healthy lifestyle.

Introduction On Running In The Morning Before Eating

There is no doubt in the mind of anyone that running is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that offers a lot of health benefits. In addition, it’s well-known as a versatile, convenient activity that can help to improve your lifestyle and achieve health goals. In bonus, a regular running healthy routine can reduce your risk for chronic disease.

Some people like running in the morning before eating. They often do this after a night’s sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours.

Well, it is well known as “fasted running” or “fasted training.” It is a term describing running on an empty stomach.

You are not well aware that an empty stomach is a sign of a lower glycogen level. The term glycogen is a famous term in chemistry known as the storage form of carbohydrates.

I asked some of my pro runners friends regarding fasted exercise, and they tell me it is good for your health. The benefits you are receiving by doing this are due to these low glycogen levels. They also warn me that running on an empty stomach may not be safe for everyone. You might not feel in the beginning, but it hinders your fitness goals.

Well, I appreciate MY FRIENDS for helping me with my quires regarding running in the morning before eating.

Running On Empty Stomach — Yes Or No?? What Pro Runners Have To Say About This?

Well, I already told you that I asked my pro runner friends whether running in the morning without eating is good or bad. And the answer I got was quite surprising. Some friends used to say that it was good to go on an empty stomach while others disagreed. Well, after hearing those words — I used to find myself trapped in an ocean of thoughts. And this was the time when I decided to do proper research on this topic.

After reading many articles and watching videos I came to the conclusion that running on an empty stomach in the morning is good or bad it all depends from person to person. In today’s blog post, you are going to look at this topic in detail. For maximum benefit to get out of it — read till the end. CAN YOU DO THAT? Of course, you can, right!!

What Are The Benefits Of Running In The Morning Before Breakfast?

According to research, running in the morning before eating may have potential health benefits. Those benefits are enough for anyone to fall in love with the concept of running.

running in the morning before eating

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Fewer Digestion Problems

Digestive problems are something that many people choose to do prolonged exercise on an empty stomach. You might not believe but it’s common to experience digestive issues like:-

  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • stomach or intestinal cramps

And many more.

These symptoms often affect anyone who wants to run long distances or train for long periods.

If you’re prone to exercise-induced digestive issues, running on an empty stomach might be a solution for your problem.

Might Help To Improve Aerobic Endurance

Who does not want to improve their aerobic endurance? Everyone wants, right.

Good news for you!! There is actually some evidence that does prove that running on an empty stomach can help improve your aerobic endurance. If you know what I mean to say.

A small study conducted in 2010 found that fasted exercise was associated with higher VO₂ max. The term VO₂ refers to your maximum oxygen(O₂ ) uptake during heavy physical activity. The term uses as a measurement of aerobic endurance and overall fitness.

There is a drawback of this study — it is too old. More studies need to be done on the topic.

Increased Fat Burn

You might be well aware of the fact that running in the morning before eating can help to burn fat. And it is one of the best ways to achieve your weight loss goals.

It is due to that fasted running is well known for its excellent effect on fat burn. It is all about the science that says your body uses more fat as energy because your carbohydrate stores are low. In simple words, when you run on an empty stomach — your fat convert to fuel needed to run. This concept results in higher fate burn, or “oxidation.”

In a 2015 study of 10 male participants, exercise rapidly increased fat oxidation over 24 hours when the exercise was performed before breakfast.

The same team of scientists on that study found similar results in a 2017 study. This time with nine female participants. According to the researchers, it is happening due to the body’s response to low carbohydrate levels. And the lack of carbs stimulates genes that control fat oxidation.

Research is conflicting, though. In 2018 it was found that fasting actually burns less fat after exercise than a pre-workout meal of protein or carbs. But in 2020 review of 71 studies did not find a convincing association between fasted endurance training and increased fat oxidation.

Additional research is essential to confirm the effect of fasted running on burning fat.

Low Energy Intake

First of all — If your fitness goal is to lose weight, this form of exercise may help control your energy intake. In a 2016 study, 12 male participants who ran without eating consumed less energy over 24 hours.

Another 2019 study with 12 male participants noticed that fasted exercise reduced energy intake over 24 hours. And the scientists credited this to the liver, which also stores glycogen.

When your blood and muscle glycogen levels are depleted, your body enters your liver glycogen stores. According to researchers, it influences your energy intake through the liver-brain neural network.

What Is My Suggestion For You??

Honestly, I am not a pro runner, nor have I been running for over a decade. But I can give some suggestions about it as I also went through it. And, of course, I understand there is a need to know regarding running in the morning before eating is good or not. I am one hundred and one percent sure — whatever I tell is beneficial for you.

After reading many articles and watching videos, I came to the conclusion that it is good to eat something before running. By doing this, you make sure that your body gets fuel to exercise safely and efficiently. And if you like to run without eating in the morning, stick to light to moderate running. Take some rest if you start to feel lightheaded.

The exception is if you are running long distances or doing high-intensity running. It is one of those physical activities which require a lot of energy, so it’s wise to eat before.

What To Eat Before Or After Running?

Have you known anything regarding healthy pre or post snack for running? Have you known anything regarding healthy snacks? Well, if you do want to eat something before a run, choose a healthy snack that is light.

running in the morning before eating
  • apple
  • yogurt
  • banana
  • whole-grain cereal
  • whole-grain toast

You have to eat lean protein and healthy carbs within 2 hours after running. The nutrients present in the meals will support your muscle recovery and replenish your glycogen stores.

Good sources of post-run meals protein include:-

  • yogurt and milkshake
  • fruit juice
  • turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread and vegetables
  • Eggs

For a bonus, drink water before, during, and after your run. It is the best way to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated during exercise.


Is it good to run in the morning before eating

Yes. Running in the morning before eating is good for health. And it also has some of the most satisfying health benefits. But before you go for a run, you should have eaten some food. In that way, you can run more and more.

Should I eat breakfast before a morning run??

Well, the answer to this question is NO. Eating breakfast before going to run can be too much and can also hurt your stomach. After you do that — your mind will shift from running to stomach pain. I am one hundred and one percent sure about that.

What are the drawbacks of running in the morning before eating?

There are so many disadvantages of running in the morning before eating. And that can ultimately harm your health and also affect performance. Here are some of:-
injury risk
muscle loss
low training intensity
exposure to certain conditions

Is it a good idea to wake up early in the morning and go run and then get ready for work and eat breakfast?

Yes. It is always one of the best ways to start your day on a positive note. It helps to lower your stress level, increase your imagination, boost your concentration, feel refreshed and energetic all day, and so many more to come.

Running In The Morning Before Eating/ Be A Healthy Guy
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