Is it true that meditation improves focus?? Or is it a myth?? Well, if you have this kind of question in your mind regarding the concept of meditation — good news for you!! I’m covering all your answers right here. But I have one request for you — read the article till the end. CAN YOU DO IT?? for learning the art of meditation?

Like all of my previous articles, I am one hundred and one percent confident with this informative article also — that you will definitely enjoy your time with this article.

And why? I say this because I often ask myself, Is it true that meditation improves focus? And if it is true, then how to meditate for getting those benefits?

meditation improves focus

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How many of you read Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty? If you have not read this book yet — I might suggest you read this book. And I Can Tell You For Sure that you will not regret it after reading the book.

In this book, you will find the ancient techniques that you can use for a healthy lifestyle. The techniques mentioned in the book are so effective that they can help you achieve anything in life. And also you will understand the concept of meditation in the book well. And learn how meditation improves focus in detail? For now, you’ll learn about meditation in this article — so do not worry about it.

To be honest, after using the techniques in the book for a few months, I am seeing results in my health. Right now, I do my work more effectively.

All THANKS to my friend — who suggest this book to me. And I am sure that you will THANKS me after completing this book.


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by something that you are unable to focus on anything at all? Well, this often happens with me too. In reality, it happens to the best of us. And if your lifestyle is like mine, you work on your dreams and give everything you have to make it happen. You are not afraid of failure and trying to perform at your best. You always try your best to make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. And you are determined to accomplish whatever it is that you put your mind to — no matter how many obstacles get in your way.

meditation improves focus

No matter your mental capability and sharpness — after all is said and done — you are only human. And like any human, there is only so much you can do and go that far without taking a break and then recharge. Without mentioning the fact that there’s only so much fixed time in the day to accomplish everything on your to-do list.

I know you are a busy guy — you do not have time to spend for free. But I am too. But hopefully, by this stage of your life, you will agree that life is more like a marathon rather than a sprint. We are all competing in a rat race to win. We all are trying our best to do our best — so that we do not miss anything in life. Still, even after trying our best, we are missed out on something in life. And that is what we call life, right.

And there is the concept of meditation comes to play a role in it. It provides so much that one can achieve whatever he wants to achieve in life. But still, not many people take advantage of meditation.

How Can Meditation Improves Focus??

Well, you are might well aware of the fact that our minds are lost their way in thoughts 47 percent of the time. It’s true, in fact, right now, you’ll be in the pool of thoughts. That you don’t know you are in it. And it is said by Harvard University researchers.

There are two cases of thoughts that regularly run in students’ minds:- swim in the pool of the past or climbing the mountain of the future. These negative thoughts can cause depression and sadness, and the latter can trigger stress and anxiety. If ignored in the beginning, the emotions can grow overwhelming.

Meditation can help put those thoughts away from the never-ending “what could’ve been” and “what ifs.”

Research done by researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center prove meditating can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation, which can:-

  • improve focus, boost memory, and attention span.
  • reduce the level of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • improve sleep quality.
  • boost the immune system.

Although all forms of meditation practice have a similar goal, some types are more productive for different people. Some include:-


This meditation practice helps fixate on a particular point, whether a word, breath, or object. The objective of this meditation is to release your thoughts and maintain or refocus on a particular point, stopping your mind from wandering.


The practice of meditation is not always about sitting still. There is a talk that slow, repetitive movements of the body, such as through, walking in the garden, yoga, and tai chi, that focus on your breath can be equally effective in relaxing your mind and body.

This ancient technique of relaxing is not required to reserve a large chunk of your precious time. Simply giving a few minutes per day in the practice has been proven to reduce distractions and increase focus.


Well, mindfulness meditation is one of the most practiced forms of meditation in the world. This meditation offers more benefits than your imagination. The technique is designed specifically to focus on your breath and observe thoughts as they drift through your mind. And the objective is to be aware of how you are feeling in the present moment, not to become absorbed.

Four Ways Meditation Boosts Your Focus

So, for now, you have already learned that meditation improves focus, right. And it also helps to improve other aspects of your life. But for now, the real question is — what are those ways meditation improves focus?

It is not that difficult to understand those ways — I am telling you in detail right here. Read carefully, and you will learn the ancient technique of finding peace.

Let’s get started!!

Meditation Frees Your Thoughts From Past Traumas

The ancient technique of meditation helps to improve your daily focus by freeing your thoughts from past traumas. A traumatic event is usually characterized by something shocking to feel/witness. The events that make you feel your worst. The kind of feeling that makes you helpless.

Anyone who has witnessed a traumatic event is in life is negatively impacted. The impact stays with them for long after the incident happens by a condition commonly known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Anyone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder experiences flashbacks, insomnia, and generalized anxiety. This type of disorder prevents with the help of meditation.

This Ancient Technique Helps You Separate Yourself From Unhealthy Distractions

Is it true that meditation helps fight unhealthy distractions? Distractions are the main reason why many people are not able to do their work efficiently. They are the ones who are always struggle to meet the deadline. Well, if you are one of them — Good news — meditation helps to separate you from distractions and improves focus.

The ancient technique helps you improve your daily focus allowing you to separate yourself from less critical and sometimes unhealthy distractions that tend to lower your ability to maintain healthy relationships with others and function independently.

Well, for the few years I worked in the field, many of my friends and relatives have actually been able to use guided meditation to effectively work through cravings for using mood-altering substances as well as behaviors associated with complex compulsive disorders.

Through meditation practice — you can essentially control unwanted thoughts — first within your subconscious mind, and then in practice, when real-life conscious urges arise. Therefore, meditation can help people stay gentle and stable by giving them an outlet to release thoughts and feelings that would otherwise compromise their overall mental health. In fact, some studies have found that regular meditation practice can be as effective as medication in treating people with symptoms of severe depression.

Meditation Uncluttering Your Mind

This ancient technique practice helps you improve your daily focus by uncluttering your mind. Just like a computer, after you download enough large files onto the hard drive in your mind — at one point or another — you will probably feel — your mind does not have enough space to store any more information. And thereby potentially overload your own unique internal operating system.

Well, it is something that happens to the best of us, including myself in it. As a result, just like any computer, our performance reduces, along with our mental health. We all have our fixed limits. Mediation practice essentially provides a neurosensory pathway to archive important files while deleting unwanted and sometimes even intrusive data.

Highlighting The Impact of Maladaptive Belief Systems

Well, meditation improves your focus by showing the impact of maladaptive belief systems. And you will also agree with me that we are all products of our environment. And our belief systems are stand upon the world that we live in and the information that we can access. It was only through global exploration that everyone finally accepted the fact that the world was round.

The way we think become more aware and be more understandable of our surroundings. This technique can provide a transcendental out-of-body perspective on a given subject with a more transparent line of sight over the cosmic forest. Meditation practice technique can also help you by providing you with the mental acuity to look at any given situation from multiple perspectives — which ultimately improves your capacity to adapt to change.

Why To Practice?/ Meditation To Improves Focus

We all want to achieve things we set for ourselves in life. And we want to achieve it anyhow. But we often forget one thing, and that is life. LIFE NEVER PLAY FAIR, and you have to understand that if you want to be someone in life.

If you want to achieve something — you have to be well knowledgeable, productive, and always meet the deadline. In the world of distractions, it is impossible to do your best and achieve your goals. And that is the reason why many people are unable to achieve their dreams and accept defeat in the middle.

But not know — with the help of meditation, you can improve your focus, do your work more efficiently within the deadline, and achieve anything in life.

It was a few years back when I used to spend most of my time scrolling through social media and watching videos on YouTube. And, even on weekdays, I often went to parties and watched movies. Most of this effect was visible in my grades and also in my health. That time I do not have any clue what to do about it?? Thanks to my friend who suggest me some self-help books that period. Those books are so much so helpful to me — I am currently working on my dreams. Plus, I also guide others to achieve their dreams.

Honestly, I am not certified and do not have anything to show you that I am an expert. Whatever knowledge I possess now is due to the books I read. I believe that self-education is more important in life. Let me give you my example – I am a Chemical Engineer by profession — I want to work as a life coach. For that, I have to get the certificate from an institute, ok.

Here is one thing, if I go for any institute certification then it may take a lot of time for me to get certified and also cost a lot of money. Well, I do not have money or time to spend on it. So, the best I found is to read books, research papers, watch videos, and take free courses. What do you do in place of me?? tell me in the comment section?

If you have dreams — go for them — do not wait for the right moment to come.

piyush modak

Self-help books like Think Like Monk, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The 5 Am Club, and many more — show me the importance of meditation in life.



Does meditation help in studying?

Does meditation help in studying?? Yes it does. And you will learn about it well — when you start practicing.
Many of my friends, including myself, have been practicing meditation daily for a couple of months. And during that period, I experienced some of the incredible benefits that I got from meditation. Benefits are improving my focus, reducing my stress level, boosting my concentration, increasing my imagination, and peace of mind.
With those benefits — it becomes a lot easier to study.

How can meditation help with concentration?

Research done by Harvard University researchers says that our mind is usually lost in thought 47% of the time. This ancient technique helps keep the mind away from these feelings. When practiced the right way, it can change some parts of the brain linked to depression. And once the mind is relaxed, you have complete control over focusing, concentrating, increasing your attention span, and sleeping better. It also develops a more robust immune system while creating a stronger emotional shield.

Does meditation improve attention span?

Yes, it does. To prove it — a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience notes that daily meditation practicing IMPROVES EXECUTIVE ATTENTION, even without practicing it for a long time. Brief meditation sessions can have a noticeable effect on improving attention span. Meditation is the best way to train your mind to stay at attention by building resilience and discipline.

Do highly successful people practice meditation?

You might be amazed to know that many successful CEOs and Celebs practice meditation. Yes, this is true. And they also give credit for their success to this ancient technique. The list of high profile people who meditate is Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, William Clay Ford Jr., Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of SalesForce, Katy Perry, Singer, and TV Personality, and many more.

Meditation Improves Focus/ Is It True Or Just A Myth? [2021]
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