What Is My Goals In Life?/ For Personal Successful

What Is My Goals In Life?/ For Personal Successful

Have you ever thought about What Is My Goals In Life? And how to achieve those goals for my personal success? Well, if your answer is yes — you come to the right place to explore this topic in depth. And one last request, for maximum benefits to getting out of this informative article, you have to read till the end. CAN YOU DO IT for self-improvement?

Like all of my previous articles, I am one hundred and one percent confident with this article also — that you will love after reading it. And why? I say this because I often ask myself, what is my goals in life? And how to achieve those goals? Because directly or indirectly, I know that those goals are something have to do with my life. And I also feel like those goals can give my life a purpose to live.

what are my goals in life

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Have you ever felt like I need to start working on my goals/dreams after reading inspirational books and watching movies? Well, I do not know about you, but I felt that way after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I don’t know what this book does to my mindset is that from the day I finished reading The Alchemist, I started working on my goals/dreams. And one thing I tell you for sure — whatever I am doing in my life with goals, I am happy with it. If you know what I mean to say.

Goals give life a purpose to live.

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Well, if you do not know about the goals — no worries, I am here to help you with that. You can trust TerminalNets with such quires because I always come with great ideas for making the way toward the success a lot easier. And it can only be possible if you read till the end.


There’s a lot of pressure around finding, setting, and achieving those life goals these days.

From bigger ones that we break down to small daily goals. And it is especially true in our day-to-day, where “life try to give purpose” culture makes us feel like there’s always something we need to be doing right now.

But here’s a little trick to setting those challenging life goals: you have to be true to yourself and what you really want out of life. And once you’ve agreed to follow what you want — and not what you think you should want — it all falls into place.

So, how do you set those goals and create a game plan to make them come true? What if you feel like you don’t have any goals in life, or you don’t know the right direction to get near of them?

what is my goals in life

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Today we are doing just that.

In this article on TerminalNets, you’ll look at what is my goals in life for personal success and how to achieve them. And we’ll give you a goals list to help with your brainstorming, planning, and doing.

What Is My Goals In Life??

As you can understand the name itself, life goals are goals to set for yourself throughout your life. They’re long-term — as they might actually take your whole life to achieve them.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: setting life goals is a lot easier and more fun than actually achieving part. And that the reason why it’s so important is that you’re driven by a sense of passion and desire. Talking about me — I am feeling strongly toward my life goals and is what gives me the fuel to take those steps every day.

How To Set Those Goals?

Well, finding what you actually want in life might seem like an intimidating task. Some might even say frustrating.

There’s no need for you to feel ashamed about it. There are actually many people who feel the same way (myself included at times!).

It all starts with some brainstorming ideas. And a special touch of dreaming and fantasizing. Here is a simple yet effective way to set your life goals so that you can start working on them from towards themselves:-

  • Start by writing down your goals in life. It is a simple and yet effective way to remember everything.
  • Well, the great idea is to create a to-do list of every step to complete your goals. Be sure to map out what needs doing to consider each goal reached as best you can.
  • For best — you have to decide which goal you want to go to first. And never be afraid of setting more than one goal at once.
  • Tell someone close to you about your goals/ future plans. They may be able to help you in completing your goals.
  • Well, if you have big and more ambitious goals to achieve, consider breaking them down into smaller goals/steps to achieve those goals first.

Create SMART Life Goals

Another simple and effective way I use is to set those goals and make a clear path for me to achieve them. And that way is setting a SMART goals.

what is my goals in life

After doing some research, I come to the concept of SMART. It is a methodology where you create a to-do list out a clear path to easier achieving your goals by using this acronym:-

  • S – Specific:- What I actually want to accomplish in life, when I want to achieve it and why it is PRECIOUS to ME.
  • M – Measurable:- How I can actually measure my progress to successfully complete my goal or not?
  • A – Achievable:- What skills do I need to develop to complete my goal and how I can actually learn those skills?
  • R – Relevant:- The reason why I am setting those challenging goals in the first place and if it is connected with other goals.
  • T – Time-Sensitive:- My deadline/end time and how realistically I can achieve my goal.

With the help of this acronym, I can ask myself questions about my goal and how I can close to them. With the help of worksheets like these types of questions, and I’ll have a strong blueprint for meeting my life goals.

What Is My Goals In Life? / I Set For Myself

So, finally — I am going to share some of my goals — want to achieve for my personal success. And if some of the goals relate to yours — let me know in the comment section below.

Waking Up Early In The Morning

Well, the first goal which I want to achieve desperately — waking up before sunrise.

You must have heard from your parents that to be successful in life, you should start your day before sunrise. And this is something that I have never taken seriously in my life. I always used to get up between 10:00 am — sometimes 9:00 am. And my mother often used to tell me that I will never go anywhere in life. And never achieve anything in life. Well, she used to tell me in a funny way, and I know whatever my mom is saying is good for me.

But now, I regret not listening to my mom that time. And not trying to wake up early in the morning. Because of that, now, it becomes difficult to wake up before sunrise. But not impossible.

That is why my first goal in life is to build a habit of waking up early in the morning for a healthy, successful lifestyle.

Practice Meditation

One thing on which I want to be good is meditation.

A few months ago, a friend of mine who meditates daily – explained to me the benefits of meditation on health and mindset. He told me — Piyush, I know you want to improve your lifestyle and works on your dreams. You want to achieve success in life, right. Well, the best and effective way to do so is by practicing meditation. It helps you to find the peace you are looking for and also offers many benefits to health. And he also told me if you ever struggle in practicing meditation — there are meditation apps for beginners also available. You can use those apps to start your journey toward finding peace.

From that day, I decide to make practicing meditation one of my goals in life.


A healthy diet is one way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. And having a healthy lifestyle is a dream of everyone, right.

When we touch a certain age, from that point we start to understand the importance of health. And how much it has to do with our overall lifestyle.

But still, after knowing about it — we do not try to do anything about it. We do not try to follow a healthy diet. In place of that, we start going to GYM or doing physical exercises. By thinking that it could help to improve our health. But it is useless. Without following a proper diet — you cannot imagine having a healthy lifestyle. Well, it is brittle, but it is true.

And I came to know about it by reading many books and articles. This is the main reason why I have made Following A Healthy Diet the third goal in my life.


Fourth and one of the important goals in my life is taking care of myself.

Self-care should be a part of our day-to-day life, but often we forget about it. And so, we were never able to make good self-care habit.

My inspiration for making self-care my goal is none other than a book — Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness by Vex King. This book teaches the importance of caring your self in life. And this book is also the reason why I start working on my dreams/ goals. If you did not read this book — go and read it. And I can guarantee you this book will help you to be your better self.

Learn New Skills

We are never too young or too old to learn new skills. All we have to do is make our mindset for learning.

I got an idea for learning new skills is from the book — Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book teaches how we can get whatever we want in our life from thinking. And also describe in brief the importance of upgrading our knowledge with new skills. If you miss this book — you will miss so much in life.

Start YouTube Channel

I guess everyone wants to start their own YouTube channel. And this might be on the goal list of most people.

The reason I want to start my own YouTube channel is to help others in improving their lifestyles. And this platform is the best to do so. Of course, I can understand that nowadays, this platform is more competitive compare to two to three years back. But that does not mean that you have given up on the channel launch plan. No, it is not a solution.

And that is why the YouTube channel has come in my goal list.

Read A Book In A Week

We all know the benefits of reading books, right. And we also know that the more book we read, the more knowledge we get.

And that is why I put reading a book in a week into my goal in list.

Start My Own Blog Website

It is funny that I am listing this in my goal list. Well, one thing I know for sure is that many of you want to start your own blog website. And that is an excellent idea if it is on the goal list. I’m not saying this because I’m working on it, but because a blog website is a great way to show everyone your true talent. And it also offers you to connect with others like you can do with YouTube.

So, I have already started working on this goal in life.

Invest In Stock

Honestly speaking to you, I have zero idea regarding stock. Still, investing in stock is one of my goals. The reason for this goal to set is Warren Buffett. He is my inspiration in the stock market and Robert Kiyosaki. Both of them are well-known in this field.

Publish My Own E-book

I already told you that I love to read books — and it is my dream to publish my own E-book. And I have already begun writing an E-book, which I soon publish on my website.

Some Of My Goals In Life

  • Travel to Iceland:- One goal in my life which I want to fulfill anyhow is travel to Iceland. I heard so many things about its beauty from many people and watched many videos on YouTube about Iceland. The main reason it makes it to my list of goals is Iceland’s weather. I know for sure many of you are well aware of it.
  • Learn the French language:- Well, the reason I want to learn to speak French is to talk with French people. They are beautiful, attractive, and kind-hearted. One of my friends is from France, and she only speaks French. So, it is difficult for me to communicate with her properly. If you know any way to learn French quickly, Comment it down.
  • Learn guitar:- When I was in school, I saw a boy playing the guitar at a school function. At the time I didn’t know what a guitar was — but one thing I did know was that I wanted to learn it. So, learning to play guitar is always on the list of my goals from school time.
  • Help others:- Who does not want to help others?? That is my main goal is to help others in life.
  • Start Podcasting channel:- As you already know, I have a website where I publish blogs. And I want to grow it. And I think one of the best ways to do so is by starting your own podcasting channel. In that way, I can connect with more and more people. And that is the key reason why it is on my list of goals.

I have already started working on a few of my life goals. And achieve a few of them too. If you want to achieve your goals in life, you have to start working on them anyhow.

Work toward your goals in life from today itself

Now that you have ideas regarding goals in life and the know-how to set them properly, it’s time to get started. With enough inspiration, determination, focus, and hard work, you can make your goals in life a reality.