Fitness Motivation:- 6 Amazing Ways To Do It

Fitness Motivation:- 6 Amazing Ways To Do It

Are you struggling to find the motivation to keep yourself engaged with a fitness routine? Well, you are not alone in the world. Many people can’t keep up with fitness routines because they all lack motivation. There are so many reasons which make for them an impossible task to do. Well, it is not an impossible task either it is easy, but if you want to do it from bottom of your heart, then you can do it anyhow. I am here to cover your back with this well informative article that can work well for you. Before we go any further, let me ask you a question, and if you want to, you can comment down below your answer.

How many resolutions do you make in new year’s? And how many did you break every February or March after promising yourself to stick to an exercise plan?

Well, there might be more than one reason for breaking the promise. So, please keep those stuff behind and instead focus on your own journey. In this article on TerminalNets, you will learn about 6 ways to find the fitness motivation you need to get you back on track.

Without waiting any further!!

Let’s Begin!!

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What Is Fitness Motivation???

Fitness motivation can be simply defined in terms of: what drives us to maintain health or achieve fitness goals. One might say it is a form wish.

When you look at it from a different angle, things change a bit for you, at least for many of us. Yes, you should workout, you need to workout, you want to want to workout, but do you have a wish for workout? And that is the actual question which you have to ask yourself.

For some of you, maybe—they like how it feels to workout. But, for many of us, workout is usually thought of as having one end goal—helping to gain lean muscle, look better in shape, get strong, feel better, be healthy, etc.

That’s a little different than wanting to lose sweat, which is why so many of us run into that brick wall. We set fitness goals, we make plans, maybe we even stick with those plans for a long. But then we can find that motivation fading away and wonder where its are wrong. But don’t worry!! With this guide, you never lack motivation for fitness. Even if you want too.

How Can I Get Motivated To Exercise?

Link Exercise To Pleasure

Your mind is mostly going to label it as a painful experience whenever you hear the word exercise. And even more so if you engage in it irregularly. You will see that we, as human beings, work hard to get comfort and avoid pain at all costs. And actually there is nothing wrong about it. Because as you put your body through the stress of exercise, therefore, you’ll be quick to label it as a painful experience, more so if you don’t make it a daily habit or set any underlying purpose behind your exercise routine.

Fortunately, though, your mind can choose what you enjoy and it all boils down to tying your mind to a purpose and positive spirit. It is funny that – Plenty of time, people actually start exercising without ultimately knowing the emotional reason behind wanting to exercise. ‘I want to gain lean muscles. Sure, but why do you want to lean muscles?
Maybe because you want to feel great or feel strong and look good in your own body.

Well, feel those feelings.

From now on you have to do is set goals for yourself and maintain a strong underlying positive attitude behind your exercise routine and your mind will start to register the positive feelings of your vision each time you workout. Like any healthy habit, the more you feel the positive feelings of the goal you want to achieve for yourself, the more results you will see. Every time you exercise, your brain will ease the pain as it brings your fitness goal to the fore, making exercise a more pleasurable experience.

So clearly set, define, and feel your ultimate fitness motive. And your mind itself will motivate you as you program it to reach your fitness goal.

Find A Role Model

Maintaining fitness over a long period of time can be difficult, although many people do it successfully. Whether you’re a beginner who’s intimidated to start or just struggling to keep up with a routine, finding a role model can be the key to fitness motivation. In life, if there’s a goal you desperately want to achieve, then chances are, it means somebody has accomplished that goal before you.

Not exclusively, but most of the time it does.

Modeling someone in the fitness field, therefore, checking off all the goal boxes you want to achieve can motivate you to create the look you want on a day-to-day basis.

By successfully adapting their daily healthy habits and routines and applying them directly into your daily schedule, you may get the success formula to keep you motivated and see the results you want to see.

More often, it’s not the lack of intention towards your goals that hampers your fitness motivation. But the incorrect strategy and inefficient results do. Modeling the right person and strategy and seeing consistent results regularly, will almost certainly boost your morale and keep you committed to working out session.

Seek An Accountability Partner

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It’s always easy for you to miss or skip a workout when the only person you report to is yourself. Chances are you’re not so likely to get up from bed at 7 am on a cold rainy day to train if you’re nicely snuggled in bed and prone to laziness. Why? Because if nothing challenges us then we are ready to avoid pain. That’s where an accountability partner or personal trainer can come in handy for you. So, you see, in common sense, there’s something about disappointing or displeasing others that irks most people.

When you are fully committed to showing up and have someone waiting for you, you won’t want the embarrassment of having to say sorry for having slept in.

How’s that sound for fitness motivation?

Brush Up Your Diet

Of course, you’re always hearing about which foods are healthy and unhealthy for you and why you should always try out tens of different diets to feel great. And while you don’t need to necessarily enroll on a strict healthy diet to follow, you do however need to watch the foods you actually eat everyday.

For example:- If you have a regular unhealthy habit of snacking on lays, cold drinks and ordering junk food for lunch and dinner. Then you most likely won’t feel well in your skin on a regular basis. And the time when you start feeling unhealthy in your own body, your self-esteem and energy levels usually take a dip to suboptimal levels. The end result for you will be lower to a complete loss of fitness motivation.

Always keep in mind that – Adding plenty of healthy foods to your diet, therefore, will help signal to the mitochondria in each one of your cells to produce more energy. And the result will be a healthier, more vibrant one for you. When you start feeling great and light in your body and mind, you will find fitness motivation much easier to come in handy.

Fitness Motivation

Be better version of yourself by beating your past self.

It’s not always easy being the better version of you. You have to work hard for it, you have to lose sweat for it, and you have to beat yourself.

Find What You Like

There is a possibility that you may already have the idea that exercise is all about running on a treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour, three times a week, and until you’re covered and dripping in sweat. Let’s face the fact that the treadmill isn’t exactly the most ecstatic of exercises. Beneficial? Absolutely it is, but I don’t blame you for your lack of constant motivation if it feels like you’re running on a hamster wheel.

Well, that’s actually some people’s cup of tea. And if it is better! BUT if it’s not your kind, then there are plenty of options other than that out there for you to choose from. It’s essential that you like what you’re doing if you actually want to find the fitness motivation to really get going. The problem you are dealing may be that you are simply not aware of the different ways your body can exercise.

Exercise should be fun, to begin with.

If it isn’t, then you are taking yourself to the wrong activity. And there are literally hundreds of different sports and exercises to choose from. Try exploring different fitness avenues until you find some activities that you enjoy doing best.

Mix It Up

Have you ever noticed that we are all of habits? You may like building a routine for yourself. And because you feel comfortable with what is known and familiar to you. That’s all because deep down inside of you, there’s something about the uncertainty that scares you. It’s completely normal, most humans are uncomfortable with uncertainty. And in fact, most of your everyday routines tend to follow a repetitive cycle. And your daily routine for exercise is most likely no exception. As you get used to an activity, your brain is quick to remember it and triggers its autopilot function every time you exercise. It is all-natural for you as well as for anyone else.

As a result, you are unlikely to experience any new emotional thrills or motivations.

…..And since our emotions run our life, we need to experience change and uncertainty in life to experience new positive emotions. So, if ever you find yourself bored and demotivated, therefore, or unmotivated, it’s most likely due to the lack of change in your exercise schedule.

So, it is better for you to try to mix up your weekly exercise habits. And once you’ve found those activities you actually love doing, start incorporating a few of those into your week.

For example, if you’re used to simply cycling everyday for 30 minutes, try to cut it down to 4 times a week and on the other days fit in activities such as weight-lifting, swimming, running and/or yoga, to name a few.
The choices are endless! And if that too gets rancid after a few months, revamp the routine. Either change the order and frequency of your exercise program or change the schedule and exercise regimen entirely.

Bonus Section

So there you have it, these six hacks will help to boost your confidence and fitness motivation to generate consistent results. And you start seeing the pain of exercise as a blessing, and you will be able to generate and create something great.

The happiness of life and practicing exercise cannot be cherished without an opposite to contrast against and be grateful. And always keep in mind that it’s completely normal not to feel like exerting on most days and throw in the towel. However, the motivation to do so and stay committed is always within your control. So now it’s the perfect time to take back charge of your mindset and start feeling like your most vibrant self again.

Are you ready?