Can Music Practically Guaranteed To Boost Your Mood? [2021]

Can Music Practically Guaranteed To Boost Your Mood? [2021]

Music can boost your mood in a way that none things do.

So, whenever you want to feel a particular way — whether that is about energized for a workout session, in your feels after a breakup in relationship, or cozy at a holiday party — a few things can impact yours feelings and set the vibe you want like putting on the right music. The right music can lift our spirits, help us get in touch with our emotions. And also support us during difficult times, and take us in the mood for love.

A new report from MRC data has revealed that in light of the last year pandemic, people are “relying on musical optimism to get them through the aftermath of a stressful year.” So if you’re battling COVID-19 burnout, you might consider giving yourself a little boost of optimism and self-care through the power of music. In this article from TerminalNets, you’ll understand that the music can actually boost our mood. And also I share with a list of 24 of my personal picked songs for happiness and healing.

Music’s Effect on Mood

music boost your mood

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It has found that music can impact your mood, as well as general health and wellness. According to the NorthShore University Health System, they have found that music can significantly improve your mood, reduce depression and anxiety, and increase emotional expression.

These mood benefits aren’t just pleasant to experience – they actually helps to improve your physical health. NorthShore University reports claim that music’s benefits in several ways include reduced heart rate and blood pressure, improved blood flow, reduced pain, and decreased likelihood of overeating. It has also shown remarkable results in improving Alzheimer’s outcomes, which is part of the reason why music therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for dementia.

Trends In Music Industry Throughout History

music boost your mood

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Suppose if we take a look at recent history, it will be interesting to note how music trends are related to world events. And since COVID-19 hit, people are looking for more uplifting beats — and this isn’t the first time a link between global change and music has been spotted together.

During World War II, world music trends mainly featured romantic themes and upbeat styles. And some famous singers like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and The Andrews Sisters rose to fame, while swing music gained popularity in the collective listenership. Music that focused heavily on wartime themes was generally not liked by the public. People seemingly wanted to focus on happier, more nostalgic themes. Made them feel more comfortable. helped to feel a sense of normalcy during an incredibly chaotic time.

The next time US experienced a major upheaval was during the ’60s and ’70s. When issues like feminism and civil rights came into the limelight. Connecting themes of systemic change where the Cold War and Vietnam War pervade protests. During these historical eras, musical diversity increased dramatically, bringing with it themes of race, gender, anti-war sentiment and systemic oppression. New sub-genres starts to appear, including psychedelic rock, which focused on the collective emphasis on progressivism.

The relationship of popular music to world events is vast and fascinating — but it’s easy to see that during times of upheaval, people seem to find a great deal of fulfillment, relief, and boost in mood through music. COVID-19 times are no different than others. Whether music helps us explain our trauma, boost our mood, or convey our political beliefs, it’s clear we can count on music to help us constructively channel our emotions.

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