Jason Momoa Shares A Look At His Climbing Gym Workout[2021]

Jason Momoa Shares A Look At His Climbing Gym Workout[2021]

Jason Momoa took some time for his favorite way to train just before starting the shoot for DC’s upcoming film Aquaman 2.

Jason Momoa is an American actor famous for his physique, fitness, and playing physically imposing characters like Khal Drogo for Game Of Thrones.  He is following the footsteps of legendary Arnold himself for the reboot of Conan the Barbarian, and, of course, serving as the DC Universe’s King of Ocean Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman. But Momoa doesn’t specifically prep his body the same way other Hollywood superhero types do, lifting heavy weights for hours and following an overly regular schedule. He is not in that league with other superhero actors.

He is someone who is actually more interested in doing outdoor activities and workouts. Some might classify this as functional fitness to get in shape. In an interview, Momoa says, “I found it better for myself to train for things that I love.” He also added that “rock climbing has always me and inspired me.”

That is not always the hobby to go for such a large human-like Jason Momoa. He further added that “It’s extremely hard to climb as a big guy like me.” But he had following this passion for his whole life. And he loves climbing — as it makes him feel —and yeah, he pulled a lot of tendons, and it sucks because He is a very heavy guy, and it would be a lot easier if he was smaller.”

Jason Momoa Climbing Gym Workout

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The famous actor recently took to his official YouTube channel to share what an outing at a climbing gym looks like for him at the HUB gym in Toronto. He also added, “This is the only time I get a climb in before I head over for my upcoming film Aquaman 2,” inexplicably shirtless as he opens the gym’s doors to his camera crew. “Let’s see how bad I suck.”

The actor is clearly over the moon to have the opportunity to spend his time at his favorite place gym. Jason Momoa says, “I have a special place in my heart for climbing gyms just because I grew up in Iowa and I have to travel very far.” From there, the famous actor gets hooked up to the harness to take some runs up the wall. After making it up on the way, he’s breathing heavily. “I’ve been doing legs and I can feel it,” he says. “I’m not in climbing shape.”

Later in the workout, his cousin joined him, who he says has taught him to surf. In return for his favor, he teaches him how to climb. Momoa further says, “It feels so cool to teach your family.”

The famous actor takes a stab at a particularly difficult route up the wall, with a short two-finger grip and widely spaced hands and sole. After Momoa bails, he comes down off the wall covered in sweat and breathing deeply and heavily. He again says, “That’s why you climb because it takes everything, full-body.”