9 Best Hair Growth Oils That Can Make Your Dream True

9 Best Hair Growth Oils That Can Make Your Dream True

Oils help to boost hair growth and make your hair look strong and healthy.

Always dreaming of having long, fuller-looking strong hair which blows with the wind like dandelions and makes for great pictures? And confused as to how to achieve those dreams? No worries — I have the best oils for hair growth in my mind. That not only boost hair growth but also help to improve the shine, structure, smoothness and general health of the hair, combatting problems like dandruff and split ends among other things. It is better for hair health, right. “It works well since all the oils that I am suggesting in this article are absolutely natural, have no side effects, and are available in any market.

Yes, it may look like your mother and grandmother were actually right — the old-school idea of oiling your hair twice a week and leaving the oil overnight is the best way to nourish and take care of your hair.

Building a healthier lifestyle may look impossible, but it simply promotes better-eating quality foods and using products that are organic and produced in a healthy way. The same hot trend — going green — applies to our beauty products as well. Rapidly gaining popularity among people, such beauty products are also featured in DIY home remedies and items. Making our job easier and faster. With the presence of so many products available in the market, we are often confused about which to buy and use. You know that feeling, right. But don’t worry — We are here to cover your back. This wonderful informative guide will help you choose the right one for your hair type without any sweat.

oils for hair growth

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What Do You Mean By Good Hair Oil?

Good hair oil should work as a tonic for hair growth, fights dry scalp and dandruff, remedy damage, add luster, and nourish hair. The best way to start your journey toward healthy hair is by understanding the type of hair you have, the quality, and what you need to remedy. You can go for a combination of hair oils for growth as well.

What Are The Best Oils For Hair Growth?

Oiling your hair is an essential step if you want healthy, fuller-looking hair. Thankfully, these ten best hair growth oils can help you out.

Your hair falls a lot. Right from humidity to pollution, there are plenty of reasons that damage your tresses. We know it can feel impossible to care for your hair on a hectic schedule, but thanks to this work-from-home status quo, now you can tap away with your computer with masques or oil in your hair.

In order to achieve the dream of being strong, healthy, and shiny hair, you need the proper nourishment. Much like the rest of your overall body, your hair needs proper nutrients to grow. While you can obviously bring some healthy changes in your diet to properly nourish your hair from the inside out, you cannot ignore oiling at any cost. In fact, here are few best hair growth oils that can make all the difference to your mane health:-

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Coconut Oil

oils for hair growth

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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that coconut oil is one of the best oils for hair growth. And this oil is also recommended by many professional hair experts and models.

Living in India, wherever you go, you cannot escape the thought of coconut oil. And that is the beauty of this oil. It is one of the most popular hair oils for growth and is used by millions of people worldwide. The oil is versatile, excellent for nourishing the skin as well. The large amount of fatty acids in the oil penetrate deep into the hair follicles without evaporating. The oil also contains carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for healthy hair. A pure oil source, free from any additives and mixtures.

Advantages:- Besides boosting hair growth, the oil leaves your hair healthy, soft, and lustrous. It is one of the oils that can also be used as a hair conditioner since it is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Other than this, from the host of benefits, it also protects the hair against damage caused by UV rays or heat and repairs the hair strands. The healthier your scalp looks, the better looking your hair will be.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Jojoba Oil

One fact about this oil is the misconception is the pronunciation of this oil. Since this oil has many of the features of sebum, which is the natural secretion of the scalp, it is ideal for hair. It does not damage the natural balance in our scalp or our hair. Making Jojoba oil is the best oil for hair growth.

Advantages:- Jojoba oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft and works as a great moisturizer as well, and contains several healing properties. Many people prefer to use this oil regularly which helps to make their hair frizz-free and lend it a rich luster. The best part about the oil is that it boosts hair growth naturally by helping new hair cells to grow. It also acts against dandruff and thus effectively reduces hair fall and protecting the hair.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Olive Oil

oils for hair growth

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This oil is so famous so that many professionals and models prefer it. The oil has protective and moisturizing properties. It protects the natural keratin in your hair and is a natural conditioner with its antioxidant content.

Note:- Go for the organic, extra virgin olive oil version for best results.

This oil is rich in vitamin E. And it is better for hair growth, and oleic acid in the oil locks in the moisture. It revitalizes the scalp, nourishes the hair roots, and boosts the growth of hair strands.

Advantages:- The olive oil softens the hair, giving your hair a smooth texture. With its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can help you fight against dandruff, especially when mixed with lemon juice. It also protects against heat damage, giving damaged hair a healthy appearance. Overall this oil is perfect for those who want a quick result.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Almond Oil

Talking about the oils for hair growth – Almonds oil always comes on the list. It is ideal for both skin and hair overall health. The oil is a rich natural source of vitamin E and is rich in fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants, along with magnesium. Thus, help to reduce hair breakage and hair growth.

Advantages:- The oil not only moisturizes hair but also seals in moisture and protects against hair loss and breakage. Almond oils are my first choice in taking care of my hair health.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Grapeseed Oil

If you ask a professional hair stylist about hair oils, they will definitely recommend grapeseed oil. You can get an idea about the oil from the name itself. The oil is extracted from grape seeds. Grapeseed oil has emollients, antioxidants, and nutrients that are essential to the growth of healthy hair. This oil is not greasy in color and odorless so using it becomes that much easier.

Advantages:- The oil has moisturizer properties that improve scalp health, promote healthy hair growth, strengthens the hair structure, and are excellent for treating brittle and weak hair. It helps fight hair loss as well.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Sesame Oil

The oil is obtained from the extraction process of popular sesame seeds. It is used for many ayurvedic remedies for hair growth. Sesame oil has antimicrobial properties and treats scalp infections. The oil is rich in vitamin E and great for both skin and hair health.

Advantages:- The oil is also used as a conditioner to conditions the hair, nourishes the scalp, and treats dandruff, and boosts hair growth.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Castor Oil

The oil is thick viscous oil has better properties galore. Castor oil is rich in essential nutrients, included vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and works wonders on your hair. It helps get rid of dandruff, and the ricinoleic acid present in the oil can help relieve scalp inflammations. Castor oil is also one of the best oils for hair growth.

Advantages:- Castor oil not only works as a moisturizer for our hair but softens too. It also helps maintain the moisture level to a certain level, and aids in blood circulation, which results in faster hair growth.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Argan Oil

The oil is originated in the exotic land of the beautiful country Morocco. It is extracted from the nuts of the Argan trees. In recent times, argan oil has taken the beauty world by storm as it is not only good for the hair but also the skin. The oil is called ‘liquid gold’ due to its deep golden color, it is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Mostly, argan oil undergoes minimal processing, so it is as natural as it can get for healthy hair and rapid growth.

Advantages:- The famous oil is hydrating and moisturizing. It repairs any damaged hair and protects the hair follicles from further damage from heat and sun UV rays. Argan oil is well-known to treat split ends of hair. The other advantage is that oil is doesn’t make the hair too greasy.

Best Oils For Hair Growth Is Tea Tree Oil

This oil is an ingredient in many bodies, hair, and skincare products. The oil contains powerful cleansing, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

Advantages:- With proper use of the oil, you will be able to unplug hair follicles with this and increase hair growth. Tea tree oil is also known for its soothing and pain-relieving abilities.