Banana Beauty Is The Latest Hot Topic In The Beauty Industry

Banana Beauty Is The Latest Hot Topic In The Beauty Industry

We know that eating a banana is good for overall health. And we also know that banana has a strong relationship with fitness. But have ever heard about banana beauty before? I guess not.

Banana is one of the powerful fruits that have lots of health benefits. It is like a bag filled loaded with nutrition. High in Vitamin C, B6, and potassium bananas are so helpful for both hair and skin. The potassium present in fruit nourishes dry hair as well as dry skin cells. According to several beauty experts, the banana is beauty best friend.

So simple to peel, eat, and mash, the banana pulp can be applied as a pack to both hair and face. It is fruits that fulfill our hair and face nutrients requirements. The fruit offers high restoring properties that will undo the damage caused by chemical treatments, UV rays, and repeated coloring.

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The fruit helps to nourish and tightens your skin, lower the sign of aging, and making you look younger for longer. Add natural curd to the banana pulp before you apply it as a pack to both parts. If you have been struggling with dry hair, hair dandruff, itching adds curd to the pulp before applying it to your hair. If you want – you can also add a teaspoon of add pure glycerin or honey – up to you. Pure almond oil also has the same effect on your hair. It makes your hair nourished, healthy, and shiny.

I am going to share the benefits of bananas with our readers. As a part of facial treatments in saloons, many professionals offer fruit facials after the face massage. It is becoming increasingly popular day by day. It actually makes us believe that the fruit is living up to the hype since the customers are also repeating the banana fruit facial again and again.

I use banana packs for hair as well, it makes my hair look more shinny. I make a mixture of pulp, curd, and honey before applying. The results have been unbelievable since it has great cleansing and revitalizing effect on hair. It makes my hair more shiny, smooth and makes its luster due to the high content of vitamin C and B. The beauty expert shared some simple ways to use bananas to improve beauty.

  • How to use the banana pack – Mash banana well. Add Honey, Milk, and curd. Mix it well till it is in a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to hair for better results. Leave it to the hair for 30 or more minutes. Finally, wash it off.
  • You can use the same paste to make with bananas on your face as well. The results will be excellent and amaze you. It will help you to have smooth and tight skin.
  • Apples have properties of both toning and cleaning effects when they are mixed with bananas due to the pectin.
  • Oranges are high in Vitamin C, so it is a great ingredient to add to the banana if you want to balance.

It is safe to say that banana is among the most nutritious and healthy food not only for the body but also for the skin and hair.