In a relationship, saying some words actually makes it healthy and strong.

When you first engage in a relationship – the world starts to seem like a beautiful dream that you never want to wake up. Both you and your partner start seeing the world from a different angle. Everything feels fresh and new. As you look at your partner, you see someone who is exciting and perfect in a relationship. Even the world around you seems brighter like the sun, beautiful, and happier than it did before you found each other. In that “new” stage of a relationship, it’s always easy to say loving things to a partner. And you know it. Those sweet words come deep from your heart when you are together and then via text or phone at all hours of the day and night when you are not together.

The feeling of engaging in a relationship first time is kind of beautiful and hard to express.


Over time, however, the world starts to change, and you can feel it. Challenges occur, flaws emerge in a relationship. And you should be ready for it. The beautiful dreams come to end, and reality sets in. It is when love begins to morph a bit.

In this more established stage of love (ideally, the longest part of your relationship), saying loving things to your partner takes a little more effort. True love takes more effort, but together you can make it perfect via practicing! As you face challenges in life together, you develop a deeper connection with each other and a greater appreciation for each other than ever before.

In this article on TerminalNets, you learn some words that help to make your relationship stronger and healthy.

relationship words

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10 Words To Say To Your Partner To Keep Your Relationship Alive

If you’ve been going through that “new” stage in a relationship for a while and want to support the development of a deeper connection, a more mature love, look no further. One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to practice saying these simple words as often as possible.

Thank You

After spending so much time in a relationship, it is normal for them to take each other for granted. And you might be noticing in your relationship too. We expect the other person to fulfill their role without asking and without seeing when they are doing well. “Thank you” are the two simple and beautiful words to say, it can help to make your relationship even more beautiful and stronger than before. When you say these words from deep inside of you, what you are indeed saying is, “I appreciate everything you do for me.” Your partner will love that you noticed and took the time to say so.

Taking the time and saying “Thank You” can make you a perfect partner.


I Love You Anyway

When your partner makes a mistake, it can take a toll on both of you. And it is true, and you have to know it. But what you say to your partner at the time will have a lasting impact on your relationship. When you say from the bottom of your heart, “I love you anyway,” what you are really saying is, “regardless of the mistake you make, I will still love you and always will.” Even as a grown-up, we need to hear that we are loved, even though we will sometimes make bad choices or do the wrong thing.

Beautiful part in a relationship of hearing these words from your partner, “I Love You Anway,” makes you feel like you are in a beautiful place.


Yes, I Would Be Love To

Maybe going shopping and having a candle night dinner isn’t your thing, or you aren’t particularly wild about going to concerts. But if your significant other loves those things to do, it’s time for you to show your some support. Saying “Yes, I Would Be Love To,” really says, “I support you in all and want to share what you like.”

Supporting each other is what makes the relationship work.


What Can I Do for You?

One of the most basic definitions of healthy love life is putting the needs of your partner before your own. We may find this an easy thing to do for our children, but sometimes we forget to do it for our love. Try to remember to ask your partner often, “What can I do for you?” which says, “I want to give full support to you and lower your burden.”

I Love You

relationship words

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It is simple words that can make your relationship work well. But, still, many people overlooked it. These three magical words should be said to your partner every single day. These words show that your care and devotion for a relationship. When you say from your heart “I love you,” what you are really saying is, “From now until the end of life, you are my one and only and you’ll feel lonely.”

One of the most important words in a relationship is saying “I love you” to your partner.


I’m Here for You

One of the best parts of being a couple is always having someone who looks your back. Remember that your partner can always count on you. Tell them these strong words, “I’m here for you,” which actually says, “I’m always here for you no matter what.” Being partners means that you are equal and you are there for each other and always support each other.

Be someone who always remains there for them.


I Understand

When love grow-up, partners get to know each other so well, inside and out. We watch each other so well and start noticing things over time. As we spend so much together, we find out what makes each other happier and what makes each other upset. Perhaps your significant other tells you about a work problem or a health problem. Because of your relationship history, you know how this makes him or her feel kind of happy. Saying “I understand,” to your partner, really says, “I get you.” It makes you feel comfortable to know that someone gets you without even really having to explain your feelings. Having this connection between both of you is fundamental to long-lasting love.

You Look Great

As you both grow older together, beautiful compliments can mean more than ever since face wrinkles and extra pounds tend to increase with each passing year. If you can say, “You look great!” to your partner, what you are saying is, “I am still physically attracted to your beauty.” So with each passing year, your partner will know that you still enjoy their company as you do before.

The cute words in a relationship are saying you look great to your partner.


I Think You’re Amazing

When we decide to be with someone someone special for years and years, sometimes we think that the other person must magically know what we think about them. After all, we wouldn’t spend so much time together if we didn’t think about the other person’s world, right? It’s time to say those thoughts in words. Tell your partner in crime, “I think you’re amazing.” What you are saying is, “I think you are a good person, and I love being with you all the time.”

We’ll Get Through It

Weathering the challenges comes in a relationship can mean a lot of things for couples: foods shortage, money problems, losing a job, major health issues and so much more. The important part is to make sure that your partner feels the power of your love through it all. When you say to your partner, “We’ll get through it,” you are saying, “We are on the same page, and I’m on your side.”

A Word From Author

Do not let pass even a single day without saying beautiful things like these to your partner. Always make sure your partner feels validated, appreciated, safe, and secure with you. Pick several of these short words to say every day, and soon you’ll both feel more loving towards each other in a relationship.