How To Manage Health Goals During Weekend?

How To Manage Health Goals During Weekend?

These habits will definitely help you have some fun time while maintaining health goals during the week.

When you’re on a run for a healthy lifestyle, the weekend can be the toughest challenge that you have to deal with it. It always seems easy to say “yes” to go out to eat with friends (and then overeating foods or drinking too many cold drinks) or skipping a workout session to attend an event or social gathering. However, there are always ways to deal with these pressures and continue to progress toward your goals when it comes to your health — without sacrificing your social life.

Be the guy who can do both — enjoying life and managing health at the same time.


Managing your health goals during the weekend is not like a piece of cake. A lot goes on inside the mindset, which makes this the toughest challenge ever. But the person who controls their mindset can control the way of their health. As a Lifestyle Guru, I spend a lot of time working with my friends, family members, and so many people on changing their mindset about healthy living so that it’s more achievable and less of a burden for them, especially on the weekends, which are supposed to be “fun” and “relaxing.”

For helping you in managing health goals during the weekend, we create habits that fit well into the weekend mentality. Keep forcing yourself to stick to the same workout regime you follow during the week or prohibiting yourself from enjoying a bottle of beer or a bar of chocolate will only result in feeling deprived.

So for that, I’ve created a list of ways to keep yourself on track — and not sabotage your progress on the weekends — that will still allow you to enjoy yourself without going off the goals. The more you practice healthy habits, the easier they’ll become to develop in yourself!

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What Are Health Goals?

They are things that help to make your lifestyle healthy. Health goals are something that help you to be your best version. And it is not possible with your current lifestyle. So, to be healthy enough to live your life to the fullest, you need to upgrade your lifestyle. And those upgrades which you have to make are known as health goals.

Many people want to live their life to the fullest. Many people want to have a rich, successful, and healthy lifestyle. But only a few people are able to achieve it. That tells how hard it is to achieve it.

Do you really think it is that hard? There is no such thing as hard in it. As it is very easily achievable. All you have to know the right way to do it.

People get confused due to the availability of so much information on this topic. And so they do not know what to do? In fact, after some time, they start doubting themselves. That is the thing that puts difference whether you achieve it or not.

Ups and downs always come in life — you don’t have to be afraid of them and lose your hope.


You actually deserve more than you have now. So, to achieve what you deserve you have to work for it. YOU CAN DO IT!!


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In 2020, a friend of mine suggested to me that bro you need to do something about your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is horrible and unhealthy. I am amazed at how you are living with it. By listening to the comment from my friend, I feel like I really have to do something about my lifestyle.

So, first I set some goals for myself. And then I followed it without fail.

In the beginning, it seems an impossible thing to do. But I stay with it and guess what?? After one month, I see some improvement in myself. And now, it has been two years since I am enjoying my life without the worries of health issues.

Why Weekend Is Challenging For Goals To Achieve?

Many people do not feel like workout or diet during the weekend. And we know why? Because weekends are the days where we can feel ourselves more than other days. That is why people are gone crazier when the term weekend comes.

I am doing Work From Home for a couple of months. And I don’t feel much like the weekend as I normally do. But still, whenever I hear the term weekend, a smile is put on my face, and my face start to grow. It is all a natural human response toward something you like.

Eating fast foods, drinking cold drinks, and not doing exercise is become a come thing in the weekend. And we cannot ignore it.

Every goal you set for yourself feel like less achievable and more challenging during the weekend. And this is not only I am saying — but most people who are working toward their goals are saying.

If you want to know where you are in your health goals, just wait for the weekend to come, and you know soon.

Here is a list of proven ways for managing your health goals during the weekend:-

Drink Plenty Of Water

There are many ways that help you in your journey toward your health goals. Out of all the ways — the one that I recommended more is drinking plenty of water — as this one is easy to do. It doesn’t have any sweat to your weekend plans whatsoever — all you have to do is fill up a water bottle and keep it with you all day. Making a small healthy change in your lifestyle can make a huge difference in overall health.

Bonus benefits — staying hydrated may help you avoid overeating on weekends.

It’s always easy to say yes to going out to eat mouthwatering foods at a nice restaurant, and that’s a good thing! However, that doesn’t mean you have to catch yourself into the trap of overeating a high-calorie unhealthy meal. Few times we mistake our thirst for hunger. Be sure to drink enough water per day to stay properly hydrated.

Plan A Fun Activity That Has Some Form Of Body Movement

One simple but effective way to ensure that you don’t miss out on exercise sessions is to incorporate them into your weekend plans. If you are someone who mostly likes to take a break on the weekends, that’s fine. You don’t know, but there are plenty of lower-intensity activities that involve physical movement of the body without feeling like exercise. Try going for a walk into the garden, going on cycling with your family, or planning an outing to the driving range or batting cages with friends.

One of my favorite things to do is to walk to my friend’s house by listening to my favorite music by plugin earbuds to my ears. It’s active, it’s social, and it always makes me feel relaxed. I encourage my close friends, my family, and others to stay active with themselves. Whether you’re at your kid’s sporting event and walk laps around the field, or you’re scheduling a long ride with another family and meet at the park instead of inside, finding ways to stay active becomes easier and easier the more you do it!

Try Your Hand On Cooking A New Meal

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It can be damn challenging to the meal prepare your own meal on the weekdays. This happen lots of time with me. The weekends usually give us enough time to cook something we like or try something new by own. Instead of going out to eat something on the weekend, learn to cook a new recipe that you find interesting. Try to mix up a seasonal vegetable or a cultural flair. Get your kids involved in cooking or invite a friend in person or over Zoom call to cook with you! It makes you feel like you are doing something great!!

Practice Yoga Routine In The Morning

Yoga is always a great way to improve awareness and increase relaxation, and inner peace without even trying to performing a high-intensity workout routine on the weekends. I highly recommend beginning Saturday and Sunday mornings with a quick practice of yoga routine. Whether it be for five minutes or an hour, relaxing your mind and body and find peace before beginning your day helps to center yourself, fight stress away and remind yourself that you’re first priority, and so are your health goals.

Allow Yourself Unhealthy Foods

Yes, you hear me right. Many of my close friends and some clients are nervous before we start working together toward their health. They wonder if I’m actually going to make them give up their favorite sweets, foods, cocktails, or indulgences. I do not believe in this at all and of course, it is not sustainable!

Psychologically, it has been proven that — if we allow ourselves to enjoy unhealthy foods in moderation, and they’re no longer “off-limits”, they seem less harmful. So I suggest you should tell yourself it is OK to enjoy a treat. You won’t feel deprived of indulgence, which often leads us to rely on unhealthy foods. What actually happening with many of my clients is that once they see progress from eating healthy, the natural response they want to eat less unhealthy foods anyway!

Know Yourself Before You Go

So, you are arriving at a restaurant that is your favorite with an empty stomach, and no idea in mind what you’re going to order can be dangerous when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet in the first place. I highly recommend you checking out the menu well beforehand so that you can make an informed great decision on the meal you’re about to eat. And of course, you can enjoy a glass of beer or end the meal with dessert! Easing up a little bit on the weekends will make it damn easier to keep with your healthy diet and exercise during the week.

Bonus Section

Do whatever you actually love to do during the weekend. But always remember not to do anything over the limit. As it can be harmful to you and your health.

Be gentle toward yourself during the weekend.


Health is the greatest wealth. And wealth we all want in our lives.

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