Many people have a question in mind how to do meditation in morning? Well, there is no secret that morning is a perfect time to do meditation since the mind is quiet and refreshed. And most of us are also less likely to fall asleep in the early hours. So do people who practice regularly respect morning meditation since it sets a calm and productive tone before the day’s activities and distractions start.

how to do meditation in morning

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard or read about the benefits of having a meditation routine. But you might still feel a bit hesitant to begin because you find the whole concept of meditating too daunting, or you believe that you need a lot of time to practice meditation to be perfect in it.

Meditation is a simple and easy way to find inner peace. And there is no perfect or no imperfect in it. Stop doubting yourself and start practicing it.


Or maybe, you actually tried to practice it a few times. But the concept of meditation feels frustrating, and that is because you feel your mind overflowing with thoughts and you might have felt overwhelmed, and probably told yourself that meditation is not for you.

In the article on TerminalNets, I tell you how to do meditation in morning? And what is the benefits of mediation, and how does it help us to find inner peace?

Let’s Begin!!

Your mind and body during morning meditation

Without any doubt that meditation is a great tool to maintain a healthy relationship of dialogue between your mind and your body. It is a simple but most effective technique that you can practice anytime and anywhere to lower stress. The way physical exercise work for your physical health same thing happens with meditation which helps to improve your mental health.

The more you practice it, the more benefits you’ll notice in yourself.


A study done by The American Psychological Association suggested that 40 percent of the people surveyed reported overeating or eating unhealthy foods for developing anxiety, depression, and stress. On the other hand, 46 percent said they lie awake at night due to high-stress levels.

Here are the things you can do: following a healthy diet, exercise regularly, getting quality sleep daily, using organic products on your skin, but if you do not take care of your mind, you will still feel unbalanced in your life.

Meditation has the power to make your mind and body clear.


study at Harvard University showed that practicing meditation can help decrease and anxiety symptoms which in turn will diminish inflammation in our bodies, improve attention, sleep better, reduced blood pressure, help us make smarter choices, and regulate our thoughts, so we can don’t jump so fast into the judgment.


how to do meditation in the morning

Meditation helps reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. But a great benefit is that you will find inner peace within yourself, the peace that spiritual traditions talk about that passes all understanding. One of the biggest reasons for practicing meditation is that you find your true self and connect with your center. It will help to be your better version.

Meditation is a way to get in touch with your inner thoughts. In simple words, it is a way to understand your thoughts. And help to make a better bond with them.

Clearing the obstacles

There are so many obstacles that we have to deal with if we want to do meditation in the morning. Out of all the obstacles, the most common one is that we create ourselves, even if not aware.

Here are a some of the most common ways we tend to resist starting a new meditation practice and what to do about it:-

I don’t have time

Many people believe that you need to sit down to meditate for at least 30 minutes to an hour for noticing the benefits. It is wrong. You can start your practice investing anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes or an hour. You are the boss you can set the rules for yourself! All you have to do is to commit to starting.

Start from small, and as you practice more consistently I can confidently tell you that you’ll start adding more time to your practice.

Don’t wait for the right moment, start any how.


My mind never stops

Anyone can feel frustration it is totally normal while learning to meditate. All you have to do is shift your expectations that will help in overcoming this obstacle.

Always focus on improvements of the inner self. A great achievement for you is to gradually understand your mind and learn how to shift your negative thinking.

Mind is like an ocean that is filled with thoughts lots of thoughts.


I can’t sit still.

Do meditation the way you want to do it. Some people do not like sitting meditation but they actually enjoy walking meditations.

Popular meditation techniques

A good way to start practicing meditation is knowing what form works well for you. It is important for you to remember that there is no right or wrong way to meditate since there are different techniques or forms of meditation.

Here is a list of types of meditation you can practice:-

Candle staring

It is great if you want to improve your concentration. All you have to do is light up a candle and stare at it. If any thoughts come to your mind, thank them and go back to staring at the candle again.

Guided meditation

There are several resources and research papers available online that have guided meditations and music to help you relax. All you have to do is google “guided meditation” and you’ll find tons of resources on it.

Breathing meditation

It is a simple but effective type of meditation that helps to calm your mind and increase your concentration. All you have to do is fully focus your attention on your breath, inhale and exhale.

Mindfulness meditation

It is about recognizing what is happening around us in the present moment, including things like what is arising and passing. It includes inner thoughts, feelings, sounds, and anything else present. The idea for doing this is to observe without any judgment, and remain open and fully aware.

Walking meditation

Walking meditation is perfect for those who struggle with sitting meditation. A 10-minute walking meditation involving the first 1 minute of paying attention to each of the feelings of your body while walking, such as the feeling of your breath, the sensations of air or wind on your skin, what you can hear, and what you can see.

Mantra meditation

Repeating words can help you find inner peace and improve focus. It is one of the most popular types of meditation in India.

How to do meditation in the morning?

how to do meditation in morning
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If you have never meditated before in life or if you haven’t meditated in a long time, I suggest that you start with 2-5 minutes. By doing this, you will be able to sit for long periods to meditate.

You can set an intention to be good at it before you actually begin, but start your practice without attachment to any particular outcome or how your meditation practice “should” be. All you have to do is be open to experience what you are actually meant to receive from every practice.

What is the best time to meditate?

If you wondering what is the best time to meditate? I will tell you it is early morning(before your coffee or tea time) is best for meditation. Because early morning time you are more focused and energetic to do meditate. Follow these steps to begin your meditation practice:

  • The first step is to find a calm and comfortable place to meditate. Try to go for such a room that is free from any kind of noise or distractions, and make it cozy. You can also use relaxing background music, and light up a candle and/or incense, or diffuse a relaxing essential oil.
  • The second step is to choose a time to meditate. Make meditation your everyday routine, set an appointment with yourself, and practice at the same time every day without skipping and see this as feeding your soul. There are some people who prefer to meditate right before they go to bed, it will help them sleep more soundly.
  • The third step is to wear comfortable clothes. For example your PJ’s or like that.
  • The fourth step is to sit comfortably. You can sit where you feel comfortable. All you have to do is to try to have backrest so you can keep your back erect. There is no need for you to try fancy yogi postures at the beginning. Do not lay down, because most likely, you will fall asleep. Just sit still, be comfortable and make your back straight.
  • The fifth step is to set a timer.
  • The sixth step is to always start your meditation practice with 5 to 7 long, and slow deep breaths exercise so you can begin releasing tension.
  • The seventh step you have to do is start focusing your mind on an object(candle). The eighth step you have to do is know that you’ll have thoughts, you might feel sensations in your body, and you might hear sounds around you. It’s all normal. Whenever you become conscious of that, just go back to the object you were focusing on in the first place, or go back to paying attention to your breathing again, or repeating your mantra from start, but do it mentally without moving your lips, and your tongue.

Suppose you feel like you didn’t accomplish much with your practice on a specific day, don’t demotivate be consistent. Honor and acknowledge yourself for taking your precious time to practice. Even if you think the effects aren’t obvious, be grateful for your practice, and in no time, you’ll be glad you started!

What is the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is one of the popular techniques uses to improve overall health. Not many people know that meditation not only improve mental health but also helps to improve physical health. Practicing meditation every day offers several benefits to health.

If you are looking for the answer for what is the benefits of mediation? Below is the answer of your question.

  • Better focus and concentration – Practicing meditation every day helps improve your concentration, and you will be able to focus better on a particular thing. Mindfulness meditation is perfect for those who want to improve their concentration.
  • Reduce stress – You may already know that meditation is very beneficial to reduce the symptoms of stress. Meditation can also helps to lower the levels of cortisol and the stress hormone, which helps you feel more relaxed and less stressed.
  • Manage anxiety or depression symptoms – The best way to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms from life is by practicing meditation. Meditation helps train your mind to focus on the present, making you less likely to worry over anxious thoughts that can promote depression.
  • Improve self-esteem and self-awareness – No one can ever underestimate the power of meditation that helps to improve self-esteem and self-awareness. Meditation motivates you to slow down yourself, allows for deeper self-reflection, and can also help you discover positive attributes about yourself.
  • Fight addiction – Not many people know, but meditation also helps to fight against any addiction.

May you get your answer regarding what is the benefits of meditation here.

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How To Do Meditation In Morning? For Inner Peace
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