7 Skincare Rules That Need To Follow This Monsoon (2021)

7 Skincare Rules That Need To Follow This Monsoon (2021)

With the season is changing, one must need to change their skincare routine, especially for the monsoon season. As the level of humidity increases with rain, the monsoon weather can be harsh for your skin health. And therefore, you need to do something to keep your skin healthy in monsoon. To solve your beauty woes, we’ve rounded up seven proven skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and free from infections!

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In this article of TerminalNets, you are going to learn how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated in monsoon season. With that in mind, let’s begin!!


Wash Your Face Regularly

You have to wash your face twice a day regularly. You have to do one time in the morning and the other before going to bed at night. And this is what you have to do, especially during the rainy season. Because the pores get clogged during the rainy season, which leads to acne. With excessive humidity, one must never have to forget washing their face twice a day.

Never Skip The Sunscreen

Whether it is a sunny season or a rainy season, you should not skip your sunscreen routine. Apply a good amount of SPF to keep your skin safe from the harsh sun UV rays.

Use A Light Moisturizer

Many people don’t like to use moisturizers in this humid weather. Of course, I understand why you don’t like to use it in this weather. You have to understand that skipping this step can actually make your skin more oily. You can invest your time and money in buying water and gel-based creams which are not heavy on the skin and don’t clog up pores.

Gently Exfoliate

Weekly exfoliation rituals should include, which help to remove dead skin cells and avoid any skin infections from happening. If you like, you can use a gentle scrub to scrub your skin, which is not harsh on the skin.

Try Anti-Fungal Products

It is a season – where your skin can be prone to all sorts of germs and bacteria, and that’s why one must keep anti-bacterial products with them. You can also include anti-fungal face wash and body washes to avoid any skin-related infections from happening.

Eat Healthy Foods

Many people like to eat spicy and oily foods in this season. Yes, it is true. Mostly they like to eat fast food. But eating unhealthy foods only leads us to several diseases included skin-related diseases too. So, if you want to have healthy, glowing skin, then you must have to avoid unhealthy foods and start eating healthy foods.

Keep Hydrated Yourself

The last on the list is hydration. Many people don’t drink enough water in this season. That leads them to dehydration which bad for skin health. Drink enough water throughout the day whether you feel thirsty or not.

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